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Pattern Imprinted concrete Alicante - PAVIGROUP: It is a company with extensive experience in the field of paving with pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete. They offer a wide variety of designs and colors to customize the surface to be paved.

Pattern imprinted in Alicante : PAVIGROUP

Pattern Imprinted concrete is one of the main options for 85% of customers in Alicante, its quality-price ratio, installation times and decoration make it an unrivaled competitor among all pavements.

The keys to the success of the Pattern Imprinted concrete Pavements in Alicante

Printed concrete in Alicante is increasingly found in more and more works and reforms, especially in pavements and coatings of houses and villas.

Finding outdoor spaces created with pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete in Alicante is becoming more frequent every day. Due to its many advantages, this building material is gaining increasing prominence throughout the province, especially in the construction and renovation of second homes. But what are the keys to the success of polished concrete in Alicante?

Main advantages of using pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete in Alicante


Because of its warm and humid climate and the characteristics of its terrain, when building or renovating a second home in the province of Alicante it is essential to choose the right materials. Among all the options that exist when choosing pavements and exterior coatings, the use of troweled concrete in Alicante has become popular for different reasons:

  • Easy installation: Installing pattern Imprinted concrete is simple and fast. An experienced polished concrete installation company can complete the job in approximately 4 days, depending on the surface.
  • Maximum versatility: current techniques allow polished concrete to be applied on terraces, gardens, patios, garages, paths, etc. as well as on facades, walls and walls (vertical pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete).
  • Wide variety of finishes: once installed, pattern Imprinted concrete can be treated to imitate any other material (stone, wood, brick, etc.) and is also available in multiple colors.
  • Impermeability: polished concrete is topped with a protective resin that makes it totally impermeable to water. This is very practical in areas prone to torrential rains such as Alicante.
  • Slip-resistant surface: pattern Imprinted concrete treatments also allow for a slip-resistant surface, which is why it is increasingly common to install pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete in swimming pools.
  • Easy cleaning: polished concrete hardly needs cleaning once or twice a year. It can be done without the need for special machinery, with pressurized water or by rubbing with a detergent suitable for outdoors.
  • Minimal maintenance: this material resists sun, water and abrasion well, which makes the use of Stamped concrete a good way to save on the maintenance of second homes.
  • Affordable price: compared to other alternative materials (such as tile, marble, etc.) the price perm2 of pattern Imprinted concrete is unbeatable, as well as being much cheaper to maintain and clean.

Find a pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete company in Alicante

The growing popularity of this material has led to a proliferation of offers for cheap pattern Imprinted concrete in Alicante. However, all that glitters is not gold: the above advantages are only achieved when working with an experienced polished concrete installer who is fully trustworthy.

In Pavigroup we are a Pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete company in Alicante with years of experience, thousands of installations and high customer satisfaction. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and the large volume of work we manage, we can offer the best price perm2 of pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete in Alicante. Always with the guarantee of the experience of our team and the use of the most advanced techniques to install quality pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete pavements and coatings.

Pattern Imprinted concrete in Alicante
pattern Imprinted concrete Alicante


Execution of pattern pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete pavements, troweling and printing of facades and walls and baseboards.

Hand imprinted

The stamping experience is very important, since the molds are placed in a puzzle-like manner.

We renew

We renovate your old pavement, with resins and mortars to make it look like new.

Like new

If you already have stamped concrete and it has lost its color, we renovate your pavement and make it look like new.

Add Value

Investing in stamped or troweled concrete pavements can be the best way to increase the value of your home.

Best imprinted

The look of your patios and gardens will be greatly improved and water slopes will be solved.


We help our clients to create unique and customized pattern pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete pavements.


Not all Stamped concrete pavements are the same, we have a wide variety of molds and colors.


Take a look at some of the works made of stamped concrete, vertical printed, if you want to see more do not hesitate to contact us and we will send you a more extensive collection of our work.

Our Core Values

The best asset of most companies is their staff, in Pavigroup all our employees are trained to perform the work with speed, quality and cleanliness.

What Our Customers Say

Seriousness and formality in the work, they did the job in the agreed time and left everything clean.
"These guys are fantastic, I've been working with them for a few years now and they have never let me down on any of the jobs I've contracted."

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