PATTERN pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete PRICE M2 IN ALICANTE

Pattern pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete price per m2

We continually receive inquiries from customers asking, "please can you tell me how much you have the price of Pattern Imprinted concrete per m2".

In principle it is not that simple to give a price, however, after some questions to the client, about the location of the work, thickness of the concrete, type of concrete, concrete reinforcement and type of resin applied, discharge system, and quantity of m2, it is possible to arrive at an estimate of the price of pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete per m2.

Next, we will see how the points mentioned in the previous paragraph affect the price and durability of the product.

Pattern pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete m2

Why is the location very important for the price of Pattern Imprinted concrete?

The reason is that all the concrete that is ordered for the execution of stamped concrete is ordered from the concrete plant closest to the construction site, this is because the concrete has a limited time of use and then begins to lose its qualities deteriorating the quality of the pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete.

The price per m3 of concrete varies quite a lot from one city to another as we understand this is due to the logistics of the materials. There are variations of up to 30 euros m3, so this also affects the price of pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete per m2.

pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete price m2 Alicante

What Concrete is used to make Stamped Concrete?

In the area of Alicante and Murcia we use concrete of 200 "HM20" and concrete of 250 "HM25" both with aggregate of 12mm for pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete.

HM20 concrete has a strength of 20 Newtons per mm2 and HM25 has a strength of 250 Newtons per mm2 and so on respectively.

In other countries such as France and the United Kingdom, 300-350 mm concretes are used. These concretes are more durable since they are less affected by weather conditions such as humidity, low temperatures, wear and tear, etc. It should also be noted that prices are 4 times higher than in Spain. Around 100 euros m2.

Conclusion A HM20 with a thickness of 10 cm reinforced with steel mesh or glass fibers is strong enough for the passage of vehicles and trucks, but its durability will be less than that of HM300.

As a conclusion, the difference between the types of concrete is the cement and because it is the smallest particle in the mass, it closes the pores creating a greater impermeability to humidity and other environmental factors, improving its durability and strength. The greater the amount of cement, the more expensive the concrete.

The prices of mass concrete HM20 and HM25 vary in the province of Alicante between 70 and 100 euros which means a cost for a pavement of pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete of 10 cm between 7-10 euros m2 only of concrete.

There are pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete applicators that add too much water to the concrete in order to facilitate the physical effort when applying it, this procedure deteriorates the qualities of the concrete, resulting in a pavement of less durability.

What is the Minimum Thickness for Concrete Pavements?

The minimum recommended thickness for concrete pavements is 10cm, but it varies according to requirements and the use that is going to be given to the pavement. For example, it is not the same a concrete pavement for an industrial warehouse or gas station where trucks, forklifts, etc. enter than a pavement for a patio where only people circulate. Likewise, the type of concrete to be used will be different.

What reinforcements are used in pattern imPattern Imprinted concrete?

As in almost everything there is a tradition and in this case it is the electrowelded mesh. Pattern Imprinted concrete pavements are not structural elements, the electrowelded mesh is used to avoid cracks in case of earth movements and to improve the flexo-traction, however, there is a disadvantage if the mesh is dropped on the ground and is not lifted to 1/3 of the thickness of the concrete it is useless.

As a consequence of the limitation of placing the mesh only when the pouring is by pumping, other products have been developed, which even give better results than the mesh in laboratory tests, in addition the fiberglass is mixed in the concrete mixer tank, so it is not necessary to place separators and to be limited with the type of pouring.

Polypropylene fiber is another type of fiber that is added to the concrete vat and improves thermoplastic cracking.

The approximate price of mesh per m2 of 20x20x5 is currently 1.7 euros.

Price variation according to the amount of m2 in Alicante

The fixed costs of a company are proportional to the m2 performed in a day, this means that the smaller the m2 of a work, the higher the cost per m2 will be. See table below

From 10 to 40 m2 the price ranges from 600 to 1400 euros. From 35 to 60 euros/m2

From 40 to 80 m2 the price ranges between 1400 and 2400 euros. From 26.25 to 35 euros/m2

From 80 to 150 m2 the price ranges from 2100 to 3450 euros. From 27 to 25 euros/m2

From 150 to 250 m2 the price ranges from 3225 to 4300 euros. 25 euros/m2

More than 250 the price is 24 euros/m2

The above prices of Pattern Imprinted concrete per m2 are from November 2022 and are indicative, due to the current inflation and continuous price increases in raw materials, please consult us at the time of making the work.

The prices detailed above are estimates and are taken from an average cost of concrete plant, and other components, however in the previous sections could appreciate that the cost of concrete varies according to provinces and will be adapted to the cost of each of them.

These prices are for the following specifications:

10 cm of printed concrete made with HM20 B12 concrete with polypropylene fiber, 20x30x4 mm mesh or 2 kg/m3 of fiberglass, 4,.5 Kg/m2 of color, mold to choose, retraction joints, cleaning and retraction joints.

These prices include the direct dumping from the truck, in the case of being able to do it, the costs of unloading, rental of machinery Dumper, crane, pump or in the case of doing it manually (wheelbarrows) labor will be added. In addition to the costs of land preparation if necessary.


Behind a good product, there are good raw materials and a quality human team.

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