Polished concrete is a zero-kilometer building material that allows for quick installation and offers high durability

When you think of green buildings, the first things that come to mind are houses dominated by supposedly eco-friendly materials such as wood, natural stone or brick. But surely one would not think of a material that is often regarded as more "industrial", despite the fact that its green credentials far outweigh most of its competitors: Pattern Imprinted concrete or polished concrete.

Pattern Imprinted concrete for paving or cladding has been used since ancient times. However, it is only in recent decades that it has been gaining ground in the construction sector (and green building in particular) due to its numerous advantages and properties. As a result, polished concrete is increasingly present in construction and renovation projects, even in projects that are governed by stringent environmental standards.

Pattern Imprinted concrete, a zero-kilometer material with minimal emissions
There is a misconception that a house made of wood or stone is more natural and therefore "greener". However, this is often not the case. It must be taken into account that these materials are extracted from nature, often in forests and quarries located thousands of kilometers away from the construction site. Their extraction has an impact on the environment, as does transportation.

Pattern Imprinted concrete, on the other hand, is made on site using the familiar formula of mixing cement, water and aggregates such as sand or gravel, plus some additives that improve its characteristics (or give the desired color to the final product by choosing from a wide palette). All the components of polished concrete are usually sourced from local plants, thus reducing transportation and polluting emissions.

The installation of Pattern Imprinted concrete is also much faster than other floor and wall coverings, which reduces energy consumption. Generally, it is sufficient to prepare the surface, pour the concrete and level it. Then, reusable molds are used to give it the desired finish, which can imitate any material: stone, wood, paving stone, etc. Finally, a layer of resin is applied to seal the surface to make it impermeable and prevent deterioration of the finish.

A specialized Pattern Imprinted concrete company can finish a surface of 500 m 2 in 4 days with 2-3 workers, while to do the same job with another material would require twice as much time and personnel. On the other hand, polished concrete can be applied on all types of surfaces: floors, corridors, patios, terraces, gardens, swimming pools, garages... There is also vertical Pattern Imprinted concrete to cover walls. By being able to choose different finishes and colors for each application, it is possible to use the same material on several surfaces of the same work, avoiding the cost and emissions involved in ordering a different material for each surface.


Maximum durability of Pattern Imprinted concrete with minimum maintenance
Another important aspect when choosing environmentally friendly building materials is durability and maintenance. Materials such as wood require periodic maintenance with special (and highly toxic) varnishes or paints to preserve their color and properties. Often, deteriorated elements also need to be replaced. Natural stone and even marble require cleaning and polishing to maintain all their properties, especially in humid climates.

Pattern Imprinted concrete, on the other hand, is a very durable material that requires very little maintenance. It resists perfectly the action of the sun, rain, wind and hail without deterioration of the surface. Temperature changes are not a problem either because expansion joints are installed to prevent cracks from appearing. It is only necessary to clean the surface from time to time with pressurized water or a neutral detergent, without using other abrasive chemical products (which in fact are strongly discouraged because they can damage the color and shine of the finish). Apart from that, Pattern Imprinted concrete surfaces must also be resealed every 4-10 years with a special resin to maintain their impermeability.

With proper maintenance and the guarantee offered by the installation by an experienced Pattern Imprinted concrete company, Pattern Imprinted concrete pavements and coatings can last for decades in perfect condition, even when used in high-wear areas such as garages. For all these reasons, Pattern Imprinted concrete has become a material of choice for ecological constructions of all kinds in our country.

About Pavigroup
Pavigroup is specialized since 2002 in the installation of pavements and coatings of Pattern Imprinted concrete and polished concrete. It has extensive experience in the construction of pavements, coatings and facades of Pattern Imprinted concrete, polished concrete and vertical Pattern Imprinted concrete. Using the most advanced techniques in the sector, it offers the best price per m 2 to install Pattern Imprinted concrete, as well as installation services.